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United FC Rec League Spring 2022 player and field  Covid - 19  Protocols

·         All staff, coaches, parents and guests on the field must wear a mask properly fitted to cover your mouth and nose.

·         All players ages 2 and above must wear a mask at all times, until such time as that requirement lifted       
     ***Parent/tots parents use your judgment regarding your player wearing a mask.

·         Hand sanitizer must be used upon entering the field.  It will be available in different locations on the field or you may bring your own

·         Social distances must be done as much as possible.  Immediate household members only

·          The field space will be extended to accommodate more space between fields

·         Team provided snacks will no longer be allowed

·         No good game handshakes at the end of the game. Teams lining up 6 ft. apart and extending a verbal “good game” is a great way to end the game.

·         Inked soccer stamps as players exit the field will no longer be available.

·         Bathrooms facilities will NOT be available at either field site

·         Tot equipment will be disinfected to the best of our ability after each session

·         Each team and its spectators must occupy separate sides of field from their opponent

·         The league will not be providing extra balls or team shirts at the field


·         Each player must bring their ball to the field on every game day.  Please put your player’s name on the ball

·         Please use good judgment to not attend, if you, your player or anyone in your household are not feeling well