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UFC- Academy Rec K – 1st Grade Playing Rules


United FC Academy Recreational League K – 1st Grade Playing Rules

Size #3 balls

7 v 7 on the field

            All league rules apply with the following modifications:

·             Pop-up goals with no goalkeepers

·             ALL KICKS ARE INDIRECT - All players must be 3 yards from all restarts


·             Goal kicks taken from goal line at least 5 paces from the goal by the opposite team that last touched the ball before going out.

·             Corner kicks; No offside; No slide tackling; No penalty kicks

·             Games are 2 25 minute halves with 5 minutes between halves. Each Half may be lengthened to

               30 minutes to accommodate the increased number of players per team

·             Kick off from the center following a goal

·             Substitution are made at ball out of bounds, half, after a goal is scored or at any injury

·             Each player in required a minimum of 50 percent of the game minutes

·             No referees - ONE coach from each team is allowed on the field.  Coaches should not interfere with play, but make the possession calls.                                                  Coaches should keep the score from becoming one sided (in other words no blow outs PLEASE) 
             Coaches and parents may not stand behind the goal

·             No standings kept