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UFC- Academy Rec 2nd & 3rd Grade Playing Rules


United FC Academy Recreational League 2nd & 3rd Grade Playing Rules

Size #4 balls

7 v 7 (6 on field PLUS goalkeeper)

All league rules apply with the following modifications:

·         Goalkeepers may handle the ball within their own penalty area.

·         Penalty area and Goal Area are designated on the field. There are no penalty kicks

·          Per US Soccer a BUILD OUT line is now used shown by a dashed line across the field

o    All defensive players must retreat outside this line once the goalkeeper gains possession of the ball

o    Teammates of the goalkeeper may remain inside the Build Out line

o    Once the ball has been played by the goalkeeper out of the penalty area normal play resumes

o    Goalkeepers may not punt or drop kick the ball -  they may play it off the ground, or throw it

o    Offside may be called against the attacking team Inside the Build Out line.

o    Between the two Build Out lines there is no offside.

·         ALL KICKS ARE INDIRECT - All players must be 4 yards from all restarts

·         THROW-INS ONLY

·         Goal kicks taken from within the goal area as per FIFA

·         Corner kicks are to be taken form the corner of the field

·         No slide tackling

·         Games are 2 25 minute halves with 5 minutes between halves

·         Kick off from the center following a goal

·         Substitutions can be made on any stoppage of play

·         Each player is required a minimum of 50 percent of the game minutes

·         No Coaches on the field.

·         Referee will be used.

·         Coaches and parents may not stand behind the goal

·         No standings kept